Dear Patient, our dental office was created for the sake of your health.  Our goal is to provide dental services at the highest level possible, thus patients coming to our office for help are guaranteed to get highly-qualified treatment.  The best advice on dental care is provided regardless the age of the patient.

Here you can get integrated treatment of all dental problems.  Each patient is approached individually with the due respect and care.  We want you to leave us happy and healthy.

 Welcome to “NIEBO-DENT” web-site.

“NIEBO-DENT” is a specialized dental practice.

Providing a whole range of modern dental services and highly qualified staff are our distinctive features.  Our primary concern is further advanced training of the staff both in Poland and abroad.

At our Practice we devote special attention to implant prosthetics.  Of all the procedures of prosthetics that exist in the world nowadays we choose only those that guarantee quick recovery, osteointergration, the highest degree of reliability and the least complications.  These procedures ensure aesthetics of the front teeth portion.

To make the patients’ expectations come true we work with dental plates, non-removable orthodontic brackets, including invisible lingual bracket-systems, orthodontic micro-implants that are used for shifting certain teeth to create the most favorable conditions for prosthetics.

We are always glad to welcome the youngest patients and teenagers.

Our dental office is situated in the district of Bemowo at ul. Gorczewska 222 lok.212, which is between Powstaṅców  Śląskich and Lazurową streets next to TESCO, where you will find a huge parking.

We also specialize in children dentistry, prosthodontics and orthodontics.   At our practice you will surely find services in preventive dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and dental surgery.